Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
1.Acceptance clause
Our company attaches great importance to the personal data of each member, complies with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong, and carefully keep the personal data of members. The member data shall not be transferred without the consent of the member unless required by applicable laws.By providing member data to us, you accept our privacy policy.

2.Membership application

Users are requested to provide the name, gender, date of birth, age, contact number (mobile phone), postal address and other basic information. Users shall ensure that the personal data submitted to the website is true, accurate, complete and free from misleading. For any loss caused by the submission of false data, our company shall not be liable for compensation.

3.Member account and password

Member account and password is independently set up by the member. It is highly recommended that users shall not disclose the login data of the account to others. In case the disclosure and any unauthorized use of the login data of the account caused by the user’s negligence, our company do not accept liability for these.If the account is found being illegally used by others, you should contact us in time.

Use online payment service
JC-STATION website adopts the encryption processing security mechanism of cocaine SSL and is a global certified secured website.
Members can confidently transmit personal private data via international Internet and trust that SSL mechanism will protect the privacy and security of these data.
Credit cards (VISA/MASTER)/UnionPay/ WeChat Payment/Alipay and data entered by users (including name, phone, address, email address, relevant data of the account and data of credit card) are directly stored in the equipment of online payment suppliers and subject to the privacy and security protection provided by the online payment suppliers.

If there are any failure, delay or breach directly or indirectly cased by or resulted from natural disasters,fires,floods, accidents, violence, wars, terrorist attacks, government intervention, embargo, strikes, labor disputes, equipment failure(including but not limit to failure of Internet system) or any other reasons that beyond our reasonable control while we are fulfilling our duties or responsibilities, we will bear no liabilities.
We reserve the right to modify or temporarily or permanently cancel the clauses of this website (or of any other parts) without informing you. In any case, we are not liable for you for any modification or cancellation of this website.
For any direct, indirect, derived or special damages caused by the use or failure to use the services of this website by users,
JC-STATION online store shall not take any compensation responsibilities.

6.Compensation for damages
For all material detriment and defamation of reputation due to the breach of relevant ordinances or this agreement, the user agrees to bear full responsibilities for damages to JC-STATION website and its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees and related personnel.
7.General provisions
The formation, execution, interpretations of this agreement and settlement of disputes shall be subject to applicable laws of Hong Kong and under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong Courts.
The remaining provisions of this agreement shall survive and remain binding If any provision of this agreement is wholly or partially invalid or not enforceable for any reason.