Notice of Frequently Asked Questions

Notice of Frequently Asked Questions
1. FAQ
If your watch appears the following conditions, it is normal, not the quality problem of watches, please don't worry.
1.1. Small dust inside the wrist watch
Before flowing out of factories, Swiss-branded wrist watches have all passed the quality controls of the original Swiss factories. The wrist watch belongs to precision mechanical devices and must be done by hand during the assembly process. Static electricity will be generated during assembly process, and there are opportunities for the fine dust to be absorbed in the movement. When the static electricity disappears, dust will appear on the scales, pointers and other places of the surface. The construction of the watch determines that the internal structure can’t be completely sealed, which problem is unavoidable.
1.2. Slightly misaligned phenomenon of wrist watches’ pointer scale
The second hand of quartz watch is slightly deviated from the scale. This is a common phenomenon in quartz watches and not a quality issue, which has nothing to do with the watch brand and price.
The clock mechanism of the quartz watch itself is difficult to steadily push forward the second hand by fixed interval, which will not affect the timing accuracy of the watch. Negligible gear clearance makes the gears rotate more smoothly, this clearance is necessary, the type of gear determines the clearance size, the gear clearance of the second hand is usually the largest, and secondly the minute hand, the hour hand is the minimum. It is also the reason why the second and minute hands of many models will shake. Another situation is that the rotating shaft in the middle of the second hand has a certain inclination, which will result in deviations from the scale when the second hand turns to some position.
1.3. Query and description of wrist watches’ QR code and barcode
The barcode or QR code on the tag or the warranty registration card is the code for the factory’s internal circulation and management of the goods, only by inputting specific information by yourself can you scan it out. While the designers of common scan code software is unable to obtain the internal information of the manufacturer, and query method of this serial number barcode will not be provided by brand official.
So the information scanned by individuals through this way is meaningless, nor can be used for reference to justify the watch's authenticity.
1.4. The differences between mechanical watches and quartz watches
Mechanical watches: manual mechanical watches increase the power by relying on winding the springs, automatic mechanical watches work by relying on the power generated by gravity through the rotation of the wrist in the course of being worn by people. The pattern of watches is relatively massive because of the complex structure.
While working, they will be affected by gravity, mechanical friction, temperature changes, using condition, etc., which as a result, the error is larger than that of the quartz watches.
Quartz watches: they work by relying on the power provided by battery, taking the extremely high frequency action of quartz crystal as the time benchmark. Therefore, the quartz watch is more accurate while working.
1.5. The reason why the Quartz watches are out of power in a short time
Unlike other products, the watches don’t have date of manufacture, the batteries of quartz watches usually work for about two years from starting. While it is impossible to actually make statistics for the consumed time which process contains production and assembling-warehousing and distribution- distributors- customer, just replace the battery in time.

2. Frequently asked questions and treatment methods
2.1. The situation of timing error
The accuracy of watches vary according to wrist watches’ different types of movements, the quartz watch is to replace the balance wheel in the mechanical watch with a quartz oscillator, make timing by utilizing its correct high-speed oscillation. Generally speaking, the accuracy of quartz watches is higher, the Swiss standard is a monthly error of ±15 seconds, some accurate movements have achieved that the annual error is even within a few seconds.
2.2. Several frequently asked questions about the sudden increased error of wrist watches while timing
A: Low battery: If the quartz watch suddenly goes quite slowly, it is probably caused by insufficient battery power, and you can check the battery level by sending your watch to the maintenance points.
B: Insufficient kinetic energy storage:
You need to check whether the power supply is sufficient, self-winding watches are also likely to cause insufficient storage if the amount of exercise is extremely small. The power supply can be supplemented by manual winding, and then you continue to see if the error is narrowing.
C: Wrist watch is magnetized:
If the balance spring of mechanical watches is magnetized, then the timing of wrist watch will be also inaccurate.
D: Maintenance required:
Lacking oil in the movement or wearing and aging of internal parts all can cause timing problems, in which case the watch needs to be sent to the designated maintenance shops for maintenance services.
E: Has ever been beaten or hit:
Ever been beaten or hit, it may cause timing problems, in which case the watch needs to be sent to the designated maintenance shops for maintenance services.
F: In addition to these common situations, both the influences of some ambient temperatures and usage habits of the wearer may cause the increased possibility of timing errors. But you don't have to worry, please send the watch to the designated maintenance shops and ask the professionals to check and adjust, all wrist watches can be returned to the normal error range.

3. Daily maintenance and use
A. Do not use the wrist watch when you are taking hot water baths, saunas and do not use in situations when the temperature varies substantially.
B. Do not operate the buttons of wrist watch and adjust the crowns in the water.
C. Please clean the strap and case regularly:
If the strap is made of leather, avoid contact with humidity, moisture, cosmetics, etc., as well as exposure.
E. Please be aware of the anti-magnetism if wrist watches, avoid accessing to electrical appliances, mobile phones and magnets for a long time.
F. Please do not disassemble the wrist watch in any case.
G. Please avoid being hit or fallen of the wrist watch.
H. Time should be adjusted to the area from 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock while adjusting the time, turn the crowns in a clockwise direction.

4. Need to know about leather strap watch
A. The strap of leather wrist watch may be little stiff when it is wore at first, the leather strap will slowly soften after wearing or one week, which is not a quality problem.
B. The leather strap watch usually has 8 holes while manufacturing, those with thinner wrists can go to the local service shop or repair watch shop for drilling, and the price is not expensive.
C. Leather wrist watches must not be washed with water, clean and maintain regularly by using ordinary leather cleaner,
D. The leather strap is consumable. It is advisable to replace it once every six months or about one year according to the using condition.
E. The strap will accelerate its hardening speed if it is often placed in a humid environment. Perspiration can also erode the cortex, leading deformation, hardening and even breakage. The watch should be dried at cool, well-ventilated place when it isn’t worn.
When the leather strap has unpleasant odors, clean the inside of the strap with a toothbrush and toothpaste, wipe quickly, and then dry it with a dry cloth.