About us

About us

Appreciation and sharing are the most common qualities reflected in watch lovers. Because of his love for wristwatches, our founder has been communicating these excellent qualities to like-minded friends for 30 years since he started to contact wristwatches.

In 2000, in order to turn hobbies into our own business, we established
JETCO Investment Limited, hoping to provide more information and services for wristwatch lovers. Fortunately, thanks to everyone's support, we put the love of wrist watch business up to now. Till now, it has passed 19 years, with the strong support of authorized dealers around the world, we have provided high-quality services to tens of thousands of wristwatch lovers around the world in Hong Kong. During this period, we have maintained close communication with our customers. We are very willing to introduce our professional knowledge of wristwatches and purchase recommendations to our customers, so as to help them buy their favourite wristwatches at the lowest price.

Adhering to the quality goods, and firmly resisting imitation and reproduction, this not only shows our salute to major watch brand manufacturers with many years of watchmaking history and technology, but this is also the bottom line we have stuck to. All goods sold by our company are imported with formal customs clearance procedures and subject to the supervision of the customs of the exporting country and the customs of Hong Kong. We dare to solemnly promise to the majority of customers, the watches sold by our company is absolutely authentic, with the watch brand warranty card or certificate and other procedures, and you can enjoy the proper after-sales service at the official after-sales service point of the brand.

What is gratifying is that now we have opened our own website, and we can have the opportunity to communicate with more clock lovers around the world. If you are a new wristwatch enthusiast, you are welcome to consult us for advice on purchasing watches and maintenance of clocks and watches; If you are a senior wristwatch player or professional wristwatch buyer, you are also very welcome to communicate and cooperate with us.

Looking forward to becoming friends with you!